Advanced Master Course Construction Claims Part 1- Legal Edition



This Advanced Master Course is for professionals who have an intermediate knowledge of construction claims and have, ideally, completed our Foundation & Intermediate Master Courses in construction claims.

Advanced Master Course Content (Part I)

This Course Is An Intensive & “Practical Boot Camp” Filled With Advanced Workshops, Case Studies & Templates. Students Will Be Comprehensively Trained On All Advanced Quantum Aspects Related To Construction Claims.

Topics covered include:


1 – Comprehensive Review of All Major Headings of Claim

2 – Advanced Workshop (MS Excel): Contractual, Legal and Quantum Analysis of Prelims Thickening

3 – Step by Step HD Video Tutorials: Creation Of A Full EOT Claims Quantum in Excel (Including a Dashboard & Visually Stunning Charts)

4 – Advanced Workshop (MS Excel): In-depth “Itemised” Prelims Quantum Analysis of EOT Costs When There Is Compensable, Inexcusable & Concurrent Delays

5 – Strategies On How To Successfully Raise a Claim For Additional Prelims Costs Even When The Employer’s Delays Are “Not Critical”

6 – Latest Case Law Analysis for Loss of Profit and Other Claims

7 – Calculation Of Head Office Overheads: A Review Of All Major Techniques To Successfully Claim For This Heading (Includes Reference To Case Law).  A Head Office Overhead Claims Calculator In Excel Is Included With Seven Built-In Internationally Recognised Formulae

8 – Advanced Workshop Assignment (MS Excel)– Quantum: Calculation Of Prolongation Costs For Delays Caused By The Employer


1 – Methodologies: An In-Depth Review Of 2 New Methodologies Used To Quantify Disruption Claims

2 – Delay Analysis (MS Excel): Preparation Of A Simple Non-Critical Delay Analysis (In MS Excel) Which Would Demonstrate The Impact Of A Disruption Claim On The Project Programme

3 – Advanced Workshop (MS Excel): “Latent Disruption Claims”: How To Identify, Price And Prove Losses Arising From Hidden Disruption Claims With A Detailed Master Workshop Case-Study In Ms Excel (Including A Graphical Analysis)

4 – Advanced Workshop (MS Excel): Contractually Defending Your Disruption Claim – On-Site Analysis v Estimate

5 – Advanced Workshop (MS Excel): Baseline Analysis For Disruption Claims

6 – Advanced Workshop (MS Excel): Detailed Labour & Plant Elemental Analysis For Disruption Claims

7 – A Review of Key Case Law Associated With Disruption Claims

8 – Advanced Workshops & Assignments (MS Excel): Proving And Pricing Loss of Productivity Disruption Claims on Building Projects


LEGAL EDITION of this course includes additional content:

1 – Includes Full Standard Edition

2 – Full Premium Webinar No. 1: Five Key Contractual Issues: FIDIC Red Book (1999 Edition)

3 – Full Premium Webinar No. 2: Ten Key Contractual Issues: FIDIC Red Book (1999 Edition) – add-on


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