Master Course in Construction Claims Management System (CCMS)



Even If You Are An Experienced Claims Professional, Setting Up A Claims Management System On A Project Is An Extremely Challenging Task

In This Course, N.M. Raj Will Introduce You To All Aspects Of His Proprietary Claims Management System (CCMS) And Give You The Necessary Tools And Intensive Training To Set It Up On Your Projects

Introduction: A Brief Introduction to Claims and CCMS
Total Claims Management: A Detailed look at CCMS and How it Works
Procedure: A Big Picture Review of Key Aspects Related To CCMS
Event Record Management: “Grass Roots” or On-Site Data Capture (With Excel Template)
CCMS Control Centre – A Focal Point for Overall Claims Management (With Excel Template)
Server/Cloud Management – Instructions on How to Set Up A Claims Folder Structure On Your Local Server Or The Cloud
Claims Dataset Management – Template for Recording Claims, Contractual Notifications and Interim Particulars (With Excel Template)
Delay Analysis Dataset Management: Template for Recording Compensation Events for Delay Analysis (With Excel Template)
Contractual Notifications: Detailed Presentation on Drafting Contractually Compliant Notifications (With Word Template)
Training: Practical Advice on How To Train Project Team Members
Strategies and Key Requirements: Getting Management Support and Enforcing Accountability

Next possible question you may have is: Why don’t I just google construction claims and learn from the Internet?

We live in a golden age of technology and Google but the problem is this…. information overload… the Internet is a wonderful thing and there is a lot of wonderful information on there… this is one of the Internet’s greatest strengths but also one of its supreme weaknesses. Amongst the millions of websites, articles and blogs, you will get some great information and some terrible ones.  Relying just on one bad piece of information may be enough to wreck your career!

An analogy that comes to mind is this…a filmmaker once said “The good news these days is that anyone can make a movie, the bad news is that anyone can make a movie”…

Technical requirements:

1. Students Are Required To Have Computers With MS Excel & MS Word; This Is Necessary To View The Templates.

2. This Course is contained within a compressed zipped file. This zipped file should be copied to your PC/Mac and extracted using an unzipping software called Winrar. Winrar may be downloaded for free from here:

3. Please Check whether your MS Office/Excel is 32 or 64 Bit; click on this link to find out how to do this:

4. After you open the right version of the file, you will see a pop-up menu with your “System ID” displayed. Copy this “System ID” and email it to

5. After receiving your “System ID”, we will email back an “Activation Key” which you must Copy and Paste into the “Activation Key” section in the pop-up menu. (Our Offices are open Mon – Fri from 10 am – 5 pm CET)

6. Now, your file is ready for use; please click on the link below to watch a video tutorial on how to do the above.


5 KEY Contractual Issues And Their Answers

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