How does it work?

Pre-Certification Professional Development

Candidate eligibility check: Not required

Enrolment: Immediate (the Course Administrator will create your account and provide you with access details within 24 hours after you process the fee)

Platform: Online/on-demand HD Video tutorials delivered via a state of the art LMS (Learning Management System). The course modules contain countless templates for claims preparation and delay analysis in Excel, word, Primavera et al. Sample templates for EOT/disruption claims are also included.


After you complete the Pre-Certification Programme (PCPD), you may upgrade to the SCCSI certification programme and, upon passing the CCCA/CCCS/CCDA exam*, become a Certified Construction Claims SPecialist/ Delay Analyst/Contracts Administrator*


How To Upgrade And Become Certified:

  1. Check Eligibility Requirements (available at
  2. Make an objective assessment of your existing qualifications/experience and request the SCCSI to approve you for the online proctored exam.
  3. The application to enrol should include (a) your updated cv (with a photo), (b) scans of qualifications and (c) contact details. The application should be sent via email to office [at]
  4. If your application is approved, information will be sent to you about how to complete the enrolment procedure. Subsequently, an examination fee of £50 will become due (first attempt).
  5. If a student fails the CCCA exam and wishes to retake it, an additional fee of £99 would become due. If a student fails the CCDA exam and wishes to retake it, an additional fee of £199 would become due.

*On passing the CCCA/CCCS/CCDA exam, students will be entitled to use the appropriate post-nominal title after their name, subject to SCCSI Code of Ethics and Terms and Conditions.



We place a strong emphasis on protecting the integrity and credibility of the CCCS/CCDA/CCCA exam(s). The online exam(s) is proctored live, the computer screen is recorded and advanced/continuous A.I. scanning of the student is carried out to ensure that no external assistance is solicited or given. Based on the proctor’s final assessment (including a post-exam review of the screen recording), if cheating is suspected, the exam will be cancelled and the student will be permanently barred from taking future exams. Additionally, the student’s SCCSI membership will be revoked, the CCCS/CCDA/CCCA examination fee will not be refunded and LMS access will be cancelled.

How is the Master Course delivered/taught?

The course is provided as a set of electronic documents with embedded High Definition Video Tutorials which re-creates the ambience of a real-life seminar but allows students to progress at their own pace. Please note that you should be connected to the Internet to view the video tutorials.

May I see a sample of your HD tutorial?

Yes, of course.

Please click on this link to view an Introductory Workshop:

How do I receive the Master Course?

If your application is approved (and after you complete the payment), the Master Course will be delivered via email through our online sales vendor. Once your transaction is complete, you will automatically receive a unique download link. This link will be sent to you by email to the email ID linked to your PayPal account within 1 working day.

Once you download the course, please send us your system ID, so we can generate an activation key for you. In order to get your system ID, you need to open the course files – the ID will show automatically.  After receiving your “System ID”, we will email back an “Activation Key” which you must Copy and Paste into the “Activation Key” section in the pop-up menu. (Our Offices are open Mon – Fri from 10 am – 5 pm CET).

Our courses, like most of the software available on the market (unless otherwise specified) are licensed for ONE device only.

Students Are Required To Have Computers With WINDOWS OS (other operating systems are not supported), MS Excel & MS Word; This Is Necessary To View The Templates.

How do I pay for an Online Master Course?

PayPal and credit cards are accepted forms of payment. PayPal is owned by Ebay and is the easiest/most secure option available for online payments. If you don’t have a PayPal account, it will only take a few minutes to set one up; please go to this link: 

PayPal also enables payments with credit cards without setting up an account

Will I receive a Certificate Of Completion?

Yes, absolutely.

A “Certificate of Completion” (electronic version) will be issued to students who complete the course.

Are you affiliated with any institutions?

Please note that we are not affiliated with any associations because our objective is to ensure that our certification is independent and will, in due course, become the gold standard for claims specialists worldwide. The CCCS/CCCA/CCDA post-nominal initials are a professional benchmark that demonstrates the attainment of a level of competence that cannot be matched by non-CCCS/CCCA/CCDA professionals. Currently, there is no other certification or course that provides this level of practical Learning Management System (LMS) based HD video training i.e. countless Excel spreadsheets that train professionals on how to quantify claims, Primavera/Asta/MS project files with training on how to carry out a professional delay analysis, templates in MS word for EOT/disruption claims and much more. 

Currency query: Do I need to have an account in GBP?

No, the system will automatically convert your currency into GBP.

What are the technical requirements to start the course?

1. Students are required to have access to the Internet

* Acrobat Reader (a free download from to read the course documents which are saved as .pdf files

* MS Excel/MS Word to view/solve the workshops/claims

Do I need to travel or attend online classes?


The Master Course is flexible and designed to fully adapt to your busy schedule. There is no requirement to travel or participate in online classes. The study material consists of high definition video tutorials and MS Word/MS Excel/pdf documents. You can study at your own pace and convenience.

Duration of Access


One year

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