FIDIC Red Book (1999 Edition) Contract Administration: “Knowledge Check” Question Bank 

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MS Excel Based 125+ Multiple Choice Question Bank For The FIDIC Red Book (1999 Edition) Key Contractual Questions (Part of the CCA-PCPD)

Augment your FIDIC contractual knowledge by perusing over 125 IMPORTANT questions included within our MS Excel based Multiple Choice Question Bank (Created by N.M.Raj)

The questions have been carefully selected to deal with common but critical contractual issues. Relevant references from the FIDIC Red Book and official FIDIC sources are provided to support the answers

You may be surprised to learn that we tested these questions out on hundreds of experienced FIDIC professionals (including lawyers and consultants) and a significant majority got most answers wrong

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Samples Of Included Questions: Download A Trial Version (Free)

If you wish to get an idea of the “Knowledge Check” questions included in the Question Bank, please download a Trial Version of the Excel App (link Below). Here are some sample questions (the answers may surprise you!):

  • Is the Sub-Clause 8.3 Programme a Contract Document?
  • Does the Contractor owe a “Duty of Care” to the Employer with respect to “discovery of errors or defects”?
  • A notice of termination was not sent to the official address stated in the Contract but to the site office (usually used for project communication). Is the notice valid?
  • Can the Contractor raise a contractual objection against the appointment of the new Engineer who was validly appointed?
  • Who is responsible for coordinating the Employer’s & Contractor’s design?
  • Is the Employer obliged to provide information about an expert’s opinion about hydrological conditions to tenderers?
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FLASHCARDS Version (Same Questions): MS Excel 125+ Key Contractual Questions For The FIDIC Red Book (1999 Edition)

The contractual questions are also available as Flashcards in MS Excel. You could review the Flashcards on a regular basis to remember key concepts for longer periods of time. Key benefits of flashcards are as follows:

  • “Active recall” has been proven to create stronger neuron connections for that memory trace. Flashcards facilitate repetition, they are the best way to create multiple memory-enhancing recall events.
  • “Confidence-based repetition” is proven by decades of research to be the most scientifically optimized way to improve memory performance.

  • “Metacognitive faculties”: When you reveal the answer side of a flashcard to assess your correctness, you are essentially asking yourself “How did my answer compare to this correct answer?” and “How well did I know (or not know) it?” This act tends to ingrain memories deeper into your knowledge.


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