Who is it for?

This Master Foundation Course is perfect for a beginner who is just starting to learn about construction claims or a relatively experienced professional who needs a reference tool or aide-memoire for this complex topic. However, this Course is NOT meant for professionals who have an intermediate to advanced knowledge of claims – you will not learn anything new.

Course Outcome

By the end of this course you will have a firm foundation in construction claims and, if you wish, be ready to take the next step towards becoming a construction claims consultant. Of course, you will not become a claims specialist by just taking this course, this will require you to undertake more studies and gain practical experience on projects…BUT you will gain enough knowledge and it will make you dangerous enough to confidently sit in a room with claims specialists, construction lawyers and positively contribute to claims related issues on your project.

Course Content

This course is practical and workshop orientated; includes 3 workshops on construction claims.


1 – Introduction To Claims

2 – Claims – Causes – Global v Cause and Effect Based Claims

3 – Classification of Construction Claims

4 – Classification of Delays

5 – Workshop No 1 – Concurrent Delay (continued below…)

List of Modules (continued)

6 – Pacing Delay and How It Could Be Abused

7 – Delay Analysis Methodologies

8 – A Review of FIDIC Claims

9 – Workshop No 2 – EOT Claim

10 – Disruption Claims

11 – Acceleration Claims

12 – Workshop No 3 – Impact Analysis

13 – Construction Claims – Strategies

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